Students Counselling

Students Counselling

Student counselling is one of the prime motives behind UKTA’s formation in order to

Provide information about UK universities
Offer immigration advice
Provide information and assistance about career opportunities
Bring the subject matter experts and students onto a common platform

To name a few:

Seminar and career counselling for Pharmacy students at University of Greenwich. Subject Matter Expert – Mr. Pritam Sharma, Brown & Burke

Interview tips and acquiring specialised skills for Information Technology & Management students at British Institute of Technology & E-Commerce (BITE). Subject Matter Experts – Mr. Ravindra Madduri, Head of Propositions, Barclays and Mr. Subhash Budala, Barclays

Introducing UKTA to the student groups and immigration advice by Incredible Immigration Services at Tadka restaurant, Romford Road
More such events are being planned and UKTA encourages all students to be part of the team.


Student Seminar At Tadka Restaurent

Students seminar at BITE Event